Case Study

Powering concerts and events never looked — or sounded — so good

Application Characteristics

For music festivals, concerts, fairs, or any application where audio equipment is needed, power distribution can make or break a performance.

1092 blue led panel mount indicatorConstant communication of power supply status is crucial for the safety of the crew, talent, and anyone involved in the setup or breakdown of stages and sound design — as well as protecting the expensive equipment.

Our client, Elite Core Audio, developed a unique solution to help ensure all parties involved can clearly see the status of a power supply. The Power Drop flexible power distribution helps customers get power where they need, when they need it.

And thanks to its innovative design that features indication on the side of the device instead of on top, it does it without stealing any of the spotlight from what’s happening on stage.

These power distribution systems are wired so that even if one output fails, the thru-put system ensures the rest of your chain remains powered. Because this product is backed by a lifetime warranty, finding the right indicator was essential.

Solution / Approach

The Power Drop’s design requirements perfectly aligned with VCC’s standard product in every way. Our 1092 Series provided the visibility and reliability our client needed to complement its branding with the device.

1092 blue led panel mount indicator

VCC’s team worked with the client to deliver a standard solution that met the client’s high standards for the Power Drop design:

  • 125V indicator with wire leads to accommodate device design
  • Reliable illumination in a long-lasting LED
  • A hi-dome lens with a 170-degree viewing angle for maximum daytime visibility
  • An O-ring gasket helps keep out moisture and dust in outdoor applications
  • Snap-fit mounting for enhanced efficiencies in production and assembly
  • Faster, more cost-effective delivery due to North American manufacturing

Value-added Service

VCC helped the client quickly secure a standard product that seemed like a custom-fit for its extensive design requirements.

Application Requirements

Elite Core came to us with a precise list of design specs for its Power Drop device, which featured a discreet placement of the indicator on the side of the power supply instead of the top. Design requirements included:

  • High daytime visibility
  • Blue LED
  • Long-lasting, reliable operation
  • 120V indicator with wire leads
  • North American manufacturing

1092 blue led Panel Mount Indicator

After conducting extensive research on possible solutions, the client discovered that most fell short of its wish-list. Using a blue LED that aligned with the brand was a must-have, and many of the standard LED options were green or orange, which would be distracting on stage. Fortunately, VCC had exactly what the job required — and it was already in stock.

Results & Benefits

We delivered an indicator solution that provided the following benefits for the client and end-users:

  • Safe, reliable operation for years to come with a long-lasting LED
  • Reinforced image with status indication in the color that complements the brand  
  • Nearshore manufacturing ensures the client won’t experience the potential delays or tariffs associated with production in China or other countries

1092 blue led panel mount indicator

“VCC gave us exactly what we were looking for. These Power Drops sell like hotcakes — and we customize them with client branding — so we need the shortest lead time possible. And because we offer a lifetime warranty, we feel great about using VCC’s blue LED for the job.”

— Joe Sidoti, Director of Technology and Business Development, Elite Core Audio

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